The Escape

So the day prior to our wedding I drove up my 1970 Dodge Challenger and stashed it in the garage at our newly purchased house.

The morning of our wedding day, under the guise of having breakfast with my Dad (which we did) I went to get it. We were married in an outdoor ceremony at a Bed & Breakfast so I parked it in the behind the building.

I think there was one close call where it was almost discovered but it stayed hidden.

After the reception we were leaving and everyone was throwing bird seed or whatever at us. As we got close to my 2001 Mustang, which had been desecrated, I turned to the Bunny Rabbit and said “Do you trust me?” She said “Yes” and I said “Come on” and made a hard left in the direction of the back.

The realization on the faces of several people was hilarious. They realized that they had been duped. If it hadn’t been for the photographer wanting to take some pictures and in the process holding us up, we would have gotten away completely scott free. However, one of the bridesmaids in a rage due to being tricked ran to get a bag of birdseed and dumped it on us as I was turning the car around.

The Bridesmaid in question will say that she got me … The fact is, I tricked them, no amount of after the fact birdseed can change that … I WIN !!!

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