Scratch Beginnings (Review)

I picked up Scratch Beginnings at a time when I was looking for inspiration.  I was kind of down due to some things that were going on, or not going on, in my life both personally and professionally.  I needed to hear about someone who had succeeded.  I needed to see someone who had dealt with adversity and not been deterred.

Scratch Beginnings is author Adam Shepard’s personal account of his attempt to rise above his circumstance. from a starting point of homelessness on the streets of Charleston, SC.  It is proof that we can rise above our current circumstances.

Shepard was a recent college graduate disillusioned with the mentality of many of his peers. He decided to create a project in which he would be dropped of in a southeastern city with basically nothing to his name and try to pull himself out of those circumstances without the aid of his friends, family or degree.

He started out in Charleston, SC with nothing but $25, a sleeping bag and a set of clothes.  He had several goals that he had set out to attain within the time frame of one year.  These were, one: to own a serviceable automobile, two: to have at least $2500 and three: to have a furnished apartment from which to operate.

I won’t ruin the book for you by giving away the ending but I will give you information about where to pick up the book.


You can find out more about Shepard and his book at:

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