Can Super Mario Bros. Kill a Marriage?

My wife is not exactly the best loser, in fact we’ll just call her a poor sport and be done with it.  So, you can imagine what happened when I accidentally forced her into an oncoming fireball.  That’s right…”Look of Death”.

Before any of you report me for domestic abuse let me clarify the previous statement.  My wife and I have recently been playing the Wii version of Super Mario Bros.  To say that we are having some trouble with it would be an understatement.  We’ve had the game for almost a year and have played it on several occasions.  Typically it has been in a group setting with some of our friends from church.  In those cases we really didn’t care so much if we made it through a certain part of the game because 1) the real intent was spending time with friends 2) the chaos of the group was part of the fun and 3) we didn’t have enough time to finish the game anyway.

Only recently have my wife and I really started playing the game together, just the two of us.  Let me just say, unless you have a strong marriage don’t try this at home…or anywhere for that matter.  From forcing your spouse’s character off the screen to dieing one right after the other to “bubbling” at the same time causing you both to die, there are many things that will cause you to get the “look of death”.

We were moving along just swimmingly until we got to World 2.  At that point we hit a wall…for a full hour and fifteen minutes we didn’t make any progress.  We finally just gave up.  Two nights later we still couldn’t make it through.  Now, I never claimed to be a great “Gamer”.  I enjoy video games but do not consider myself terribly good at them.  But this was just plain pathetic by anyone’s standards.  After getting in each other’s way in several levels, we decided on a new strategy, we would have one person bubble their character (you have to play the game to know what I’m talking about) for most if not the entire level.  We would have the other try to make their way through without being hindered by the previously un-bubbled character.

Well…that didn’t work!

Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment about your experiences with any of the games in the Mario franchise.  In fact it would be great if you could give me some general game play hints or strategies for playing with more than one person on the Wii version of the franchise.

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