My Vinyl

Nineteen ninety-nine was when I initially started collecting records. I began after receiving an old record player that used to belong to my grandfather.  At the time a local music store was stocking used records, so over the course of a few months I ended up with a small collection of around eight to ten Rock albums spanning the 60s, 70s and 80s.

I played the records occasionally but because of the low quality of the player they were pushed to the side in favor of CDs due to convenience.  Yes, there was a time when the CD was actually considered more convenient than other available formats.  Track Skipping and relatively compact Multi-CD binders for portability were a game changer.  It wasn’t long before the novelty of Vinyl wore off, the record player stored and the records forgotten.  But, you wouldn’t be reading a blog post titled “My Vinyl” if something hadn’t changed.

I don’t remember what peaked my interest; it may have been a YouTube video that ended up in my feed or an article about the Vinyl Resurgence on one of the many news/entertainment/opinion sites.  Whatever the cause, I had a renewed interest in Vinyl.  I started watching videos and reading articles about Vinyl, Music Formats (Physical and otherwise), Record Players, Vintage Electronics, etc.  After a while I decided I wanted to start listening to music on Vinyl.  I wanted to listen to it more actively rather than as background noise.  To do this I didn’t want a cheap $50 or $80 turntable like one of the suitcase Crosleys, I wanted something of decent Quality without going overboard.  I settled on an Audio Technica LP-120 which sits at the low end of the mid range price wise, but doesn’t back down from any of it’s competitors on the quality front. I was gifted this turntable for Christmas 2017 by my wife along with several new records.

What initially drew me to Vinyl is still there, the big bold artwork, the ceremony of placing the record and dropping the needle.  But one thing I don’t remember experiencing on the old record player is the warm, full analog sound.  I now find myself putting on a record after everyone else has gone to bed.  Sometimes I listen to the whole thing and sometimes just one side.  I never really did this before.  Another thing that I find fun is the hunt for used records.  It’s a great feeling when you find a record that you’ve been looking for in excellent condition (both the vinyl & the sleeve) for a good price.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-digital.  Digital formats are great for portability and accessibility.  They also tend to be cheaper, especially if you only like one song from an album or artist.  However if you give me a choice on how to experience an entire album by a band that I know I like, I’m choosing Vinyl.  Additionally, if you consider the fact that most of the time the mastering is different for Vinyl (usually less compression/more dynamic range) than for CD or MP3 (Mastered for the “Loudness Wars”), you realize that you are actually getting a different product not only in the physical medium but also in the actual recording itself.

So without further Ado, my collection …



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